Make your efforts matter

When the outcome doesn’t matter to you, even the most flimsy excuse is enough to stop you. When it’s not a priority for you, even the most trivial distraction will knock you off course.
Are the distractions and excuses holding you back? That’s a good indication you’re not committed to whatever it is you’re doing.
Either you must find a way to be more committed or find a more meaningful endeavor. There’s nothing to be gained by wasting your time and energy on a halfhearted attempt.
The best commitments are not the commitments you must force yourself to make. The most powerful commitments are the ones you enthusiastically embrace.
Challenge yourself to take a good, hard look at what you’re doing. Challenge yourself to follow a purpose, a goal, a dream that is truly yours.
Your time is too valuable to be wasted on anything that doesn’t really matter. Make sure your efforts matter, and you’ll make them highly effective and immensely rewarding.

— Ralph Marston